Cube Timer is a free online rubik's cube timer. A website dedicated to timing your rubik's cube solve times as well as providing tutorials on solving rubik's cubes.

How Do I Use Cube Timer

Cube Timer has a stop watch that can be started and stopped by pressing the spacebar. You press the spacebar when you start solving the rubik's cube and press spacebar again once you have finished solving the rubik's cube. Cube Timer will now display your cube solve time as well as calculate your average solve times.

Graphs To Show Your Improvement

Each time you solve a rubik's cube and record the solve time, it will be displayed to the right on the cube timer stop watch. You will also notice a graph appear just below the cube timer stop watch. The graph is a great way to visualise the difference in times between each of your rubik's cube solves.

The longer bars on the bar graph depict a longer rubik's cube solve. Like wise, the shorter the bar of the bar graph, the quick that time is relative to the other times.

Tracking Individual Cube Puzzles

Cube Timer stores a list of rubik's cube solve time unique to each puzzle type. What this means, is that you can keep a separate list of solve times for each cube type you are solving. It ranges from 2x2x2 cubes to 7x7x7 and more.

Selecting a puzzle type is as easy as click on the puzzle type from the drop down list to the right of the cube timer stop watch.

Deleting Individual Scores? Just Double Click It.

If you want to delete a specific time then it is easy to do so. Simply double click on the time you wish to delete and it's gone.

Perhaps you had a bad start, or were interrupted and don't want that recorded time on your list of rubik's cube solve times. Simply double click that score and it's deleted.