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    Quickest rubik's cube solve times.


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    How To Use Online Rubik's Cube Timer

    Cube Timer is a free online rubik's cube timer, spacebar timer and speedcube timer. It is simple to use and keeps a history of your previous rubik's cube solve times.

    The cube timer will start once you release the spacebar and stop when you press down the spacebar again.

    Your list of scores are separate for each rubik's cube type. This means you can have a separate score times for each rubik's cube type you are solving.

    Step 1. Place Rubik's Cube On Spacebar.

    Firstly, place the rubik's cube on the spacebar. Placing the rubik's cube on the spacebar will not start the timer. Now get ready for step 2.

    Step 2. Pick Up The Rubik's Cube And Solve.

    Once you are ready, pick up the rubik's cube and solve it as quick as you can. The cube timer will start as soon as you lift the cube up from the spacebar.

    Step 3. Hit The Spacebar To Stop Timer.

    Once you have solved the rubik's cube, hit the spacebar to stop and record your time. Your time will be saved and you your averages will be calculated.